LV2 Equity Partners’ investors are accredited high net-worth individuals who are seeking superior returns for their investment dollar. We create a separate investor fund uniquely structured to each acquisition and thus able to fit an investor's interest in a particular industry and/or product.

The investment structure of LV2 Equity Partners transactions provides the following advantages to Investors:

  • Each transaction stands on its own merit and is fully vetted and underwritten prior to investment – you are not investing in a blind fund.
  • Minimum investment level equal to 1% of total raise per deal allowed.
  • Ability to use self-directed IRA’s as the investment mechanism, thus recognizing significant tax benefits.
  • Ability to have close contact with management team including site visits if desired.
  • Detailed quarterly reports are provided on your specific investment to track operational performance.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about investment opportunities with LV2 Equity Partners, LLC.