LV2 Equity Partners, LLC


LV2 Equity Partners, LLC is a Midwest based private investment firm whose objective is to acquire controlling interest in niche manufacturers, value-added distributors and specialty service companies. We invest in companies that have the potential for substantial growth and profit improvement.

LV2 Equity Partners strives to enhance the business opportunities of its portfolio companies by driving operational excellence and seeking new markets and greater penetration for the products and services of each business. Through the achievement of operational excellence a business lowers its costs, enhances customer service and delivers a high quality product on time and at a competitive price. This becomes the sustainable advantage for the business and thus value is created. LV2 Equity Partners goal is to use its leadership skills and vision for growth to create value in each portfolio company.


We believe in creating superior financial results. We achieve results by maximizing a company’s revenues and profitability. Revenue increases come by way of enhanced sales and marketing efforts, delivery of superior customer service and investment in new product initiatives. Profitability enhancement comes by way of maximizing existing capacity, eliminating waste and driving operational excellence.


We believe that people are a company’s strongest asset. The firm’s managing partners have held top-level positions with several diverse organizations and have been successful through leadership, business acumen and personal integrity. We have generated revenue growth, improved profit margins, and developed effective business strategies, while continuously improving operations and backroom processes. This is achieved through the guidance, coaching and development of key employees.


We believe in long-term sustainable success. LV2 Equity Partners provides strategic direction, management expertise and financing to a group of companies so that each company can in turn, provide: unparalleled value and service to its customers; a great work environment for its employees; and, sustainable, superior value to its shareholders.

Our mission is to develop companies for long-term success by providing strategic vision, management support, operational improvements and capital while maximizing the existing values, culture and relationships of the business.